Cooking Necessities

Everyone has their own must-haves when it comes to the kitchen. Food processor. Garlic press. Rubber spatula. Whisk. Sure, these things help make a kitchen functional. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Cooking necessities to me are feelings, elements, sounds, and anything else that make my experience in the kitchen enjoyable. These next few essentials are probably why I love playing chef so much (aside from the very obvious fact that it produces delicious food).

The Head of the Table: Inspiration – Before I begin in the kitchen I need some sort of inspiration for what I’m doing. Thanks to other food blogs, social media, cookbooks, and random thoughts I write in my phone because food is more fun to think about than adulting, it’s hard to experience chef’s block. Whether I’m reading someone else’s recipe, writing down an idea for a new one, or wandering endlessly from fridge to pantry, I always figure out the direction my meal is going before anything else.

Runner-Up: Counter Space – The next crucial thing for me to have while cooking is plenty of counter space. Recipes can get long and dirty up a lot of pots and pans. I’m never afraid to make a mess in my kitchen, but I always make sure I start with a clean area to accommodate any utensils and ingredients I need. There’s nothing more annoying than turning around to grab the next spice with a spatula in hand and accidentally knocking over a bottle of unfinished red wine you left on your counter from the previous night. Talk about a waste. Let’s not do stupid things, and let’s clear our cooking space instead (self-reminder).

The Treasure Chest: Slippers – I feel like this doesn’t really need much of an explanation because kitchens get foods on their floors. No one’s motivated to cook when there are crumbs stuck between their toes. Plus,  I like my feet to be comfy and I’m always cold; so that’s a triple whammy why (cheetah) slippers are a necessity.

Every Meal’s Counterpart: Music – Once I’ve got my foodspiration, spacious area, and dancin’ shoes, I definitely add music into the mix. Knowing my recipe before I begin the process is super important because I tend to sing and dance just about as much as I actually stir and saute. Iration, The Weeknd, Sade, Adventure Club, or A$AP … Pandora shuffle knows what this wanna-be chef likes. All I can say is thank God for bluetooth speakers and Rokus being louder than boiling water, sizzling veggies, and beeping timers. Hallelujah!

BeerLast, But Never Least: Beer – You know those brown ales I like? Yeah, those are perfect for sipping on while whipping up some Nomz. I honestly don’t know how to cook without simultaneously drinking a beer. Does that make me an alcoholic? Ha, perception is relative. Beer goes with cooking like water goes with swimming… what? Who wants a beer?

Welp, those are the couple requirements I have for this world of cuisine-creation. Plus all of the actual essentials… but those are only fun when you’re putting them to use, not when you’re trying to entertain readers ;).

I’d love to hear what your cooking conditions are, so shoot me a comment, message, or share. Much Love & Many Nomz!

– J

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