Citrus Guacamole

Everyone loves ‘cados. And if you don’t, then you probably still like Guac. This Nomz is super simple to make and the perfect dish for game night, a potluck, or whatever it is people do when they have a social life – we wouldn’t know; we’re always cooking ;). Feel free to adjust the amounts to your liking, too! J isn’t big on tomatoes, but L loves them so she puts in a whole one in hers. Just get crasy with it! But don’t forget the orange because that sh*t is (almost) the best part. (Makes about 15 oz)

2 avocados
½ tomato
1 scallion
1/4 cup chopped onion (white, red, yellow, whateva!)
1-2 serrano peppers
juice of 1 large lime
juice of ½ mandarin orange
pinch of salt
black pepper to taste

guacamole recipeCut the avocados, lime and orange in half and take out the pits of the ‘cados. Dice the tomato, scallion, onion, and pepper(s). If you’re going to use a food processor to mash, keep the chunks pretty big so they don’t puree too much when you run the machine.

Spoon the ‘cados into a food processor or bowl, followed by the rest of the ingredients. Mix everything around with a spoon then pulse the machine a couple times to cut everything up a bit more. Be careful not to pulse too much – unless you want your guac super creamy instead of chunky. If you’re mixing in a bowl, mash it up with a large spoon or potato masher until desired texture.

Serve with tortilla chips or use as a spread on veggie burgers and sammiches! 

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