What Vegans Eat In a Day

éThinking about trying Veganism but just not sure what you would eat? Hey, that’s okay! When we first decided to cut meat and dairy out of our diets (and eggs shortly thereafter), our first thought was, “What will we eat throughout the day?!” We were only slightly clueless thanks to L’s vegan sister and J owning Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck. Nevertheless, we took to the internet to see what other vegans consume on a daily basis; eventually we learned how to achieve a well-rounded, balanced diet on our own—and no, we don’t just eat salads *eye roll*. We’d like to help other newly transitioning vegans, or people simply thinking about the change, in their journey to bettering our Mother Earth.

So! Here are a few options for each meal of the day. These are only meal options, but don’t be fooled and think we don’t snack. Ohhhhhh we snack. We may snack too much. Check out our Quick Snacks post for some healthy snacking ideas throughout the day!


  •  Oat Bowl
    Oatmeal is a quick, delicious way to start the morning. We like to switch up the fruits and natural sweeteners to keep things interesting. Here is one of our oat bowls with 18 grams of protein!
  •  Smooothie
    Smoothies are a sweet way to begin your day. These are great any time of the year, really, but especially on those hot summer days. The best part? It’s gotta be pretty hard to get sick of them with the huge variety of fruits our beautiful home provides us. Tweak the flavor by using different fruits and liquids. We like to sneak spinach and kale in our smoothies to get a head start on our daily veggie intake. Our mascot, Daphne, approves of our Berry Smoothie with 17 grams of protein.
  •  Tofu Scramble
    An imitation of the “traditional” egg scramble breakfast. Tofu scramble takes a bit more time to prepare but it has all the flavor. Here’s our Breakfast Wrap we stuffed with tofu scramble.


  •  Chickpea Salad
    Canned garbanzo beans strangely smell similar to chicken, so naturally, vegans made “chicken” salad out of it. This takes barely any time at all to throw together and is completely satisfying. We like changing ours up—check it out.
  •  Veggie Sandwich/Wrap
    We looove our veggies; it doesn’t bother us to throw a bunch on some bread and call it a day. Load up a tortilla, bread, or sub roll with your favorite raw or cooked veggies, avocado, some mustard & red wine vinegar, and devour the Nomz.
  •  Meat Alternatives Sandwiches
    We try to stay away from the meat alternatives as best we can. For newly transitioning vegans, though, we understand it makes things a lot easier to indulge in those to fill your craving. This Buffalo Chickun Sandwich touched us in all the right places.buff-chicken-sandwich


  •  Stir-Fry
    stirfryA good ole stir-fry can leave anyone’s tummy happy. Combine your favorite cooked veggies with any thin, long noodle and stir in some teriyaki or soy sauce. Yuuuummm! Get crunchy with our Azn Crunch Fry.
  •  Sautéed Veggies w/ Grain
    This is probably the easiest dinner and our typical go-to. Throw a bunch of veggies in a sauté pan with some seasonings and mix in beans or tofu. Then just top on a bed of whatever grain you’re feeling that night, add a sauce/dressing if desired, and enjoy!
  •  Piiiiizzzzzzaaaaaaaa!
    Just because you’re vegan and saving the world doesn’t mean you can’t have pizza! While there are vegan cheeze options out there, we enjoy pizza simply loaded up with a good sauce and piled high with veggies. Hey, you don’t have to feel bad about eating pizza. When you’re vegan, your pizza basically is a salad (the best kind of salad).
  •  Tacos
    tacos.jpgWho doesn’t love tacos? Screw Taco Tuesday, how about Taco Errrday?! You can choose to get some fake meat crumbles or stick to strictly veggies. We like whole or refried black beans, quinoa, tomatoes, onions, shredded spinach, avocado, & hot sauce.

There ya have it. It’s ridiculously easy to be vegan and you feel GOOD for it– physically, mentally, and emotionally. These suggestions are only a drop in the vast ocean of vegan options out there, too. Eat well & eat good all while saving animals and our planet.
Feel free to ask us any questions if you’d like extra guidance. We’d love to chat with you.

Much Love & Many Nomz,
L & J

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