Pesto is one of our favorites with its tangy goodness. It can be used as a sauce, pizza base, in salad dressing, baked into bread, and more. The problem we run into, though, is most pestos out there have parmesan mixed in. We replaced the typical pine nuts with cashews and the parmesan with nooch to still provide a cheezy flavor. We weren’t disappointed and we’re confident you won’t be either.

2 cups fresh basil, no stems (1 oz package)
3 tbsp raw cashews, soaked for at least 2 hours
2-3 garlic cloves, chopped
½ cup refined coconut oil, liquid state*
¼ cup nooch
Sea salt & black pepper to taste
(Makes 6 oz)

In a food processor whiz the basil, cashews, and garlic cloves until minced. With the machine running, slowly pour in the coconut oil. Lastly add the nooch and turn the processor on only briefly till all combined. Serve immediately or store in the fridge** for up to 3 days.

*You may need to throw it in the microwave for a few seconds
**Since coconut oil hardens in cold temperatures, leftover sauce will harden as well. Just heat up over the stove or in the microwave briefly and stir.

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