“Let food be thy medicine”


Shmeds and Shmesh

Hello Ever-Changing, Always Beautiful and Accepting World!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are two ladies trying to find our passions and place amongst you all. We met in the 6th grade, but our sisterhood began when we started college in 2011. In the last year we both have accepted Veganism into our lives, and it has stirred a dormant spirit in us that is glowing and growing. Together we decided it was time to take this fervor for all things cruelty-free, plant-based, fun, and Nomz and share it with anyone and everyone who is willing to read, hear, and eat it! Our mission is to show the world that plant-based ingredients can become more than ever imagined using laughter, love, and extra Nomz. Never setting our minds on just one favorite type of food, we have always and will always be inspired by a variety of cuisine from all cultures.

We firmly believe that the way to a meat-lover’s heart is through their mouth… or rather, taste buds. It doesn’t do to just tell someone why they should experience, appreciate, and accept something; though that certainly is a start. Changing the world begins with discussion and ends with action.

Starting this blog, along with our instagram page (@VegaNomz_), is only the beginning of our journey. Your support is as important to us as sustainable energy is to our planet’s future; so join us as we embark on this long road ahead! The Vegan market is growing and it is our goal to become a part of it as women who simply want to teach and feed your hungry minds and tummies. Look out Orlando, VegaNomz is coming to a place near you to provide unique, flavorful, plant-based food for everyone! We encourage you to leave feedback, share our posts, and try our dishes. We will keep you updated on tastings, events, and anything we are actively pursuing to reach our goal of becoming a Vegan kitchen. We’ve started our discussion and now it’s time to take action.

Much Love & Many Nomz! – Lauren & Jess (Shmeds & Shmesh)

P.S.  If you haven’t caught on by now, we refer to anything tasteful as “Nomz.” ;)

Though she was born right outside of Detroit, this girl is all Florida. Raised in Sarasota and now living in Orlando, Jess (aka Shmesh) graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2015 and is currently pursuing a career as a graphic designer. Her love-interests are books (of the literature and coloring variety), paintings (read: Dalí), kittens (despite her allergies), beer (brown ales and porters), punk-rock-reggae-sex music (shout out Ballyhoo!), the ocean (the salt, the sand, the surface, the depth, the sharks (hey, Em)), and cooking (vegan, of course). In March 2015, Jess received Thug Kitchen as a gift for her bday. This book lit a spark in her and since then she has been strictly a vegan chef in her home. She believes that the change to Veganism is a transition, not an overnight lifestyle change – unless of course you can manage that! She wants people to work their way towards a Vegan goal as their bodies and minds will allow them. Jess wanted to create VegaNomz with her best friend to inspire others to join her in this lifestyle change; to be part of the discussion about Veganism, environmental issues, and #FoodPorn; to influence a huge portion of society’s outlook on Vegans and why we won’t be quiet about its beneficial impacts; to take her passion in the kitchen and run with it towards a successful adventure. Jess says, “Nice to meet you, run with me!”

Lauren (aka Shmeds) was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida and also graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando with a bachelor’s in Mathematics Education. She is currently a full time instructor and tutor for children K-12, as well as a part time server. Her passions are working with kids (especially the little punkins), math (gotta keep your brain sharp), animals (her dog and cat own her heart but she wishes to have all the animals in the world—really, there may or may not be an addiction there), beer (IPA’s are where it’s at), and last but not least, Veganism! Early 2016, Lauren made the decision to quit eating meat; the following day, the decision was made to cut out dairy as well—due to cruel, dairy farm footage she came across. Towards the end of that year, Lauren had completely cut out all animal products from her diet. One of the most challenging, but rewarding part of living vegan for her is mimicking meat and dairy recipes as plant-based meals. The inspiration for this lifestyle change came from her oldest sister (shout out to Melis and her boyfriend Zach for 8+ years of being Vegan) and Vegan social media accounts. Lauren’s goal is to now become inspiration for other newly-transitioning, former meat-eaters joining the wonders of the VEGAN WORLD! She wishes to show everyone that food can be AMAZING and substantial with purely plant-based ingredients, zero cruelty, and all with her best friend by her side. With that being said… “HI FRIENDS! Welcome to our journey into the Nomz (the VegaNomz, that is) and thanks for your love & support!”

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