Delicious Summer Vegan BBQ Dishes

To help you get through the summer holiday celebrations for 4th of July, grad parties, memorial and labor day – we’re here to provide you with our favorite vegan barbecue dishes.

How to Eat Less Dairy

There just so happens to be a parallel universe thriving alongside the greedy dairy market and I’m here to tell you all about its phenomena.

Thoughts on the Dairy Industry

Covering a plethora of reasons why I and others don’t eat dairy, my hopes are that just ONE will positively influence you to lessen your dairy intake and seek out alternatives… even when it comes to cheese.

What Vegans Eat In a Day

…eventually we learned how to achieve a well-rounded, balanced diet on our own—and no, we don’t just eat salads.

Plant Proteins

Probably one of the most annoying questions vegetarians and vegans hear is, “Where do you get your protein?!” Contrary to many beliefs, plants are a completely sufficient source of protein.

A Vegan in the Gun Industry

I love this industry and don’t believe it to be centered around hunting, but rather believe it is centered around protection. And I thank those I work with who are accepting and open-minded to a Vegan lifestyle.

Defining Veganism

All of this is what defines Veganism to me. There is so much more to it than the literal definition or “not eating living things.” And it means something different to every person.